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Achlys (nicknamed Raven) is a native to Genesis, born and raised in Isafaro to a soldier and scientist and currently delivering pizza. She is a writer taking inspiration from all that's happening around her to write her stories.


Achlys is a Caucasian female who has short, raven-black (hence the nickname) hair styled in a bob cut. Exposing a small smooth flat forehead and black narrow-thin eyebrows. The shape of her face is like an oval with eyes as blue as the ocean, a medium sized nose, small beige lips, low cheekbones and smooth jawline. Standing at a height of five feet, five inches and one hundred and twenty pounds, an hourglass torso, medium sized breasts and a flat stomach. Choosing comfort over fashion, Achlys can generally be found in dark clothes like a hooded sweatshirt made complete with a pair of jeans and tennis shoes.


Achlys is the daughter of a Vulture's patrol (father) and a Isafaro's researcher (mother) with one older brother who was drafted into the Vulture's army at the age of eighteen. Because both of her parents worked for the Vulture Achlys had an easier time growing up in Isafaro compared to other families. Granted, not by much but any inch one could take in this dictatorship was a blessing for the natives there. Achlys went to school at Vulture's University and as you can imagine, their primary goal at the school was to remove all traces of individualism. Forcing a strict uniform dress code and hairstyles, all boys receiving buzz cuts and girls bob cuts.

Despite their best efforts, Achlys managed to maintain her own identity and ward off the school's brainwashing while at the same time appearing to be a loyal drone of the government to make her life easier. She took an interest in writing and began working on it in her spare time, spending hours in her room developing stories and characters inspired by her own life and events that had transpired in the city-state. After graduating Achlys moved out of her parents home and into an apartment where she continued to work on her writings meanwhile getting a job as a pizza delivery girl. Inspired by the resistance attempts at getting the city out of the dictator's rule Achlys had began to write about just that.


  • Achlys is one of the few player characters in the story to have no combat training.

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